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PLATINUM PLAZA welcomes you!

We are glad to invite you to take a deep dive into the whirlpool of bright events and the world of colorful impressions that reign in the heart of the city of Kharkov near the largest square in Ukraine.

Sometimes it is not an easy task to find a place in the big city where you can freely leave all triviality of the day by day life. And embrace the feeling of comfort and pure romance while making a big step from the businesslike and fussy environment towards vitally important conceptual decisions that are to be made.

PLATINUM PLAZA – is not just an office and shopping center. And it was not a simple coincidence that PLATINUM PLAZA appeared in the busiest place of classy Kharkov being a symbol of high ambitions and potential. Everything happens for a reason.

We welcome you in the environment of comfort where you can immediately and completely fulfill yourself. When you enter the patio you can feel how time stops for a moment. There is no more time to remind you about the pace of your life, now you are in the world of coziness and melody of the water that rapidly goes down. Sculptures enjoy every sound of the water kapelle. And a little bit higher, under the sky, you can easily find the place where for the most important decisions to be made.

In the tangle of modern content and the harmony of the business center, each granite stone represents commitment and the glaze – lightness and easiness.

The harmony of business and leisure, activity and lightness – are waiting here for you.